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Patrick Crowell lives in Orlando, Florida, but was born a sixth generation Californian on October 10, 1953. Raised in Orange County, California, it seemed he spent most of his time in the water – as a competitive swimmer, water polo player and surfer. When he wasn’t swimming or surfing, he enjoyed playing guitar. Today, he still enjoys swimming, guitar and surfing – especially when hurricane surf hits the Florida coast.

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Hostile Environment
Hostile Environment By Patrick C. Crowell

Welcome to Western Town, a world-renowned themed megaplex in sunny Central Florida that epitomizes wholesome family values. But delve behind its friendly western facade to discover a workplace that reveals an intolerable “hostile environment” of sexual harassment and abuse of the women who work there.
Meet Lou Scarlechek, Executive Vice President of the corporation, a scoundrel of the worst type who leaves a path of sexually harassed and abused women in his destructive wake, as well as a blackmailed CEO, as he does whatever it takes to achieve the power that he craves. Standing in his way is DeeDee Lane, a naive young secretary who decides not to take it anymore. Her path crosses with the beautiful and intelligent Adel Blair, ace attorney and champion rower, who inspires the defiant DeeDee, but the sinister power monger, Scarlechek, will stop at no end. Find out what happens!

It’s a classic tale of good versus evil told through an intriguing plot of twists and turns that keeps readers enticed and in suspense until the gripping end. First-time legal fiction author Patrick C. Crowell provides realistic insight into sexual harassment and Title VII lawsuits at a time when such cases were still relatively new. With more than twenty-five years experience practicing law and in mediation, including work as an attorney for Walt Disney World and as a litigator and mediator in private practice, Crowell writes an accurate and convincing account of sexual harassment in the workplace and the different types of claims that result.

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Holy Environment
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Holy Environment By Patrick C. Crowell

Welcome next to The Pathway to Heaven, a religious theme park and resort outside Birmingham, Alabama. Adel Blair and DeeDee Lane team up in this adventure to discover a world of bigotry and hypocrisy under the guise of Christianity. Brother Isaiah Davila and Presidential candidate, Immanuel Powers, use right wing Christian values and public naivety to control America, while lining their coffers and getting their kick's, all at the behest of a wicked old man who's been around for as long as time.

Adel Blair directly confronts the source of evil in many different manifestations, from the theme park to the courts of Alabama, to the beaches of Central Florida, and brings it down. Find out how!

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The Body Surfers
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The Body Surfers

The young Costa Rican could no longer feel, as he eyed his own lifeless corpse. He was as out of body as anyone can get. Gazing from another realm, he noticed bluish tint over his own pasty brown flesh. Though his spirit lived on; he realized his remains were dead.

His body was on its side in a fetal position and, from afar, he studied the wicked wound on the back of his own neck. His coagulating blood was slowing like a freezing reptile’s. He saw that his head was nearly severed, and sensed his arteries and veins clogging in the frigid air. It wasn’t a discreet thought, just part of his soul that he ought to be angry. But he was above that now.

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