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Patrick Crowell lives in Orlando, Florida, but was born a sixth generation Californian on October 10, 1953. Raised in Orange County, California, it seemed he spent most of his time in the water – as a competitive swimmer, water polo player and surfer. When he wasn’t swimming or surfing, he enjoyed playing guitar. Today, he still enjoys swimming, guitar and surfing – especially when hurricane surf hits the Florida coast.

In 1958, Patrick’s father started his career with Disney, and became a high level executive when Disney expanded its operations and relocated him to Central Florida during the 1970s. After lifeguarding and attending junior college in California, Patrick soon followed his family to Florida. Between living in Orange County, California, the home of Disneyland, and Orange County, Florida, with Walt Disney World, Patrick held numerous theme park positions including his first job as a shoe shine boy at the employees’ barbershop in Disneyland – providing shines for 25 cents.

It was while he was attending Rollins College in Winter Park that Patrick’s passion for rowing was sparked. Although a rookie to the sport, Patrick was physically fit enough to join a very fast varsity eight-man crew. His college crew won the Florida State championship and the Southeastern Regionals in 1976, and placed third at the Dad Vail Regatta in Philadelphia – considered to be the small-college Nationals back then. That crew went on to compete in the prestigious Henley Royal Regatta in England.

After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy at Rollins, graduating with high honors, Patrick worked as a carpenter’s apprentice for brief a time when, almost on a lark, he applied and was accepted at the University of Florida Law School - thus, beginning his legal career. A member of the Florida Bar since 1981, he has practiced law for more than 25 years, primarily engaging in real estate, commercial and construction law, but becoming involved in various discrimination and harassment cases as well. Patrick worked as the in-house construction attorney at Walt Disney World for three years. Since then, he has become a certified civil mediator and helps parties resolve their differences.

Patrick is most proud of his children Julie, Steve and Sharmin. His daughter, Julie, followed in his footsteps as a competitive rower.

In 1991, Patrick became a world champion double sculler in the world of Master’s rowing, and rowed in an eight-man crew of local Orlando rowers who beat the 1980 Olympic gold medalist eight from Russia. In 1992, he won a first place singles national medal. Patrick travels to Costa Rica annually in search of bigger waves than those Florida has to offer with his surfing buddies, and, plays guitar in a rock ensemble upon occasion.

One of the most memorable events in his life was when he and his daughter, Julie, won the parent-child double together at the Southeastern Regional Regatta for U.S. Rowing, and he heard his daughter exclaim, as they neared the finish line, “They’re dying, Daddy!” as they pulled away to first place.

Patrick has authored his third novel – The Body Surfers – in which his heroine from Hostile Environment and Holy Environment, Adel Blair, becomes a surfer and takes on an evil organization in Costa Rica that kidnaps persons for slavery or kills them for body parts. Patrick authored his fourth novel – Sysyphus Had a Cell Phone – chronicling the adventure fo a married man wrongfully accused of an affair.




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